Safety don’t have much to do with it: Food safety audits are just what retailers wanted

Doug Powell explains one reason why some people love their bureaucracy:

How did passing an audit become a substitute for actually building a risk-based food safety program?”

– back in the late 1990s, as fresh fruit and vegetable outbreaks took on national prominence, retailers decided, we want third-party audits, rather than food safety programs promoted by grower groups.

I chaired a national committee in Canada about 2002 to look at the issue, came up with a solution that would be advantageous to growers and consumers, and was then overruled behind the scenes so the grower groups could keep their Canadian Food Inspection Agency funding (and the bureaucracy).

I walked away.”

More people who should be reading p94-95 of John Seddon’s The Whitehall Effect which, among more important things, describes how inspection of food businesses to irrelevant standards is used as a substitute for improving real quality.

Just the thing with a general election coming.  Grill your candidates on it.

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