Brexit, UKASexit?

Not so long ago, a mere 5 years which seems like yesterday, it was the ...

One rotten neologism deserves another. Check the relationship UKAS and the EU share in the creation of waste.



Wilson et al.  estimated that around a third of accreditation victims’ budget goes purely on pleasing the UKAS inspectors.

The Spectator draws attention an even greater waste throughout the country:

“Steve Hilton, David Cameron’s chief strategist for many years, gave an example of this institutional decay. A few months into his job in No. 10, he was dismayed to find his colleagues making slow progress because they were all bogged down by paperwork that he didn’t recognise. He asked for an audit, and was shocked by the results: only a third of what the government was doing was related to its agenda. Just over half was processing orders from Brussels. To him, this was more than just a headache: it was an insidious and accelerating bureaucratic takeover.”

Just as the EU was the cunning CIA/Continental plan to nobble Britain, BS 5750 was the cunning Royal Naval plan to internationalise bad British management and nobble the competition.

Both BSI/ISO/NAMAS/UKAS accreditation and what was sold as the “Common Market” are protection of favoured classes by legally-imposed bureaucracies.

What civilization could survive it?

These rough estimations of the waste from UKAS and the EU were discovered by audits. Audits are great.

We’ll eat our hats!

As long as they’re not just audits of compliance but investigations of fitness for purpose.

One type of audit has nothing to do with real quality.

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