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UKAS collaborates with sharia to fund Islamic expansion

International halal accreditation is not agreed by a single body but by hundreds and is highly non-standardised, like Islam itself.  We previously drew attention to this here. UKAS is now pleased to help bring the world into submission to Allah while … Continue reading

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Safety don’t have much to do with it: Food safety audits are just what retailers wanted

Doug Powell explains one reason why some people love their bureaucracy: “How did passing an audit become a substitute for actually building a risk-based food safety program?”… “– back in the late 1990s, as fresh fruit and vegetable outbreaks took … Continue reading

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Eaten by a camel

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Selling confidence by creating uncertainty

Here is a brochure showing how the State-backed cartel tries to create uncertainty in suppliers that don’t pay for its services.  This is a sort of uncertainty that cannot be measured.  It enables the cartel’s members to sell “confidence” to … Continue reading

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