British Ad Watchdog Agency Contradicts Own Rulings to Defend BSI

In 1997 the Advertising Standards Authority Ltd. (ASA) ruled against the BSI for making advertising claims it couldn’t support, chiefly about the cost-effectiveness of the ISO 9000 standard.

BSI have continued to print porkies about it ever since.


The Oxebridge blog has reported that in 2018 the ASA ev…ent…u…al…ly managed to reach a judgement about the latest complaint that BSI never stopped making false claims.

This time the ASA found the BSI was doing nothing wrong.  It’s now OK to make the claims they need to to keep the inspection cartel’s business on the rip.


The ASA’s inconsistent and plainly wrong decision about the BSI’s unsupported claims illustrates the decline in British bureaucracy in recent decades.  The ASA also didn’t uphold complaints against any of the ten most complained-about adverts.   Maybe they’re out of touch with the population they serve.

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