Randox Testing Services blew the whistle on rogue employees -and on UKAS

Randox Testing Services (RTS) were hit by employees manipulating forensic results.  So far, it may affect 10,500 specimens.  It’s going to cost RTS £2.5M to retest specimens the police sent them.  That’s on top of what they paid to UKAS to provide accreditation “assuring” the quality of their services.  

Signs and Red Flags a Business Is an MLM Scam

A company like Randox might think of extending its own QC services to compete with the sham ISO 17025 scheme.  If only it could get past the other gang members in the ISO, IAF and co.  

RTS’s statement says,

“RTS are new to the forensic arena and in establishing their capability employed staff with employment history from other accredited laboratories, the Forensic Science Service and UKAS.  RTS complied fully with all UKAS accreditation requirements and in numerous inspections by UKAS, when it appears manipulation was underway, nothing untoward was found.”

What’s next?  Will the Fraud Squad being investigating UKAS for its part in an international Multi-Level Marketing scheme?

The UKAS logo is the product

Perhaps the police never heard the UKAS assessors assuring RTS that their inspection is only a sampling exercise and can’t assure anything they didn’t inspect.  

This is something the ISO should insist goes on every report form.  Right next to the logo UKAS want placed there as free advertising.  

Who’s promoting whom?

The logo is the product.

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