Oxebridge whistleblower hotline launched

Tired of griping about the problems UKAS manufactures while the real problems of the ISO gang go on killing people?  Now you can do something about it.

Whistleblow to Oxebridge’s hotline.

Fill in the form, let the experts investigate and apply legal pressure.  You may be protected by whistleblowing laws in your region, but you can “prefer not to say”.

“If you are reporting a crime, contact law enforcement first.”

Oxebridge Launches ISO Whistleblower Hotline
A new way to report problems

Pushing forth on the “third phase” of the path to improve the ISO certification scheme — that’s the one where we file reports with law enforcement agencies, government regulatory bodies and legislative panels — I’m happy to announce we have launched a new ISO Whistleblower Hotline reporting tool, on our brand new website at whistleblower.oxebridge.com.

Now ISO 9001, AS9100 and other management system certification stakeholders can file reports of complaints, conflicts of interest, lawbreaking and other issues to an independent third party (Oxebridge), with the option of doing so with complete anonymity. We will then sort and analyze the entries, and forward them to the appropriate oversight bodies or law enforcement agencies around the world. We will collect the aggregate data on the nature of the issues to help bolster the information we are currently providing to US government legislative committees, as well as to ministries in other countries.

With the latest Boeing 737MAX crashes, the Equifax hack, the Texas chemical plant fires and other scandals impacting on the ISO and AS schemes, it’s no longer up for discussion that the various certification bodies, accreditation bodies and IAF are incapable and unwilling to do their jobs and ensure the validity of ISO certificates. Now it’s a question of how many people are going to have to lose their lives due to defective products and services that would have never reached the market had these companies not been granted drive-by ISO certificates.

I want to pause on that last note: if the IAF-matrixed CBs and ABs done their jobs properly, in many cases these companies would have been denied ISO certification, which would have then denied them access to the contracts which allowed them to build and release defective products and services. So the IAF and its cronies are complicit in these disasters, whether tangentially or directly. They also have tools at their disposal, right now, which can help prevent such things from happening again, and are willfully refusing to use them, in order to protect corrupt CBs and their incompetent auditor pools.

I’m not willing to wait for more people to be harmed. I am asking stakeholders from around the world to report their stories and concerns with the various certification schemes and standards development bodies, so this data can be used to fix these problems once and for all.

To file your report, visit the ISO Whistleblower Hotline webpage. You will not be added to any lists, and your information is not used for any other purposes.

— Christopher Paris

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