Disgruntled rogue scientists, but accredited

Uncertainty of measurement or just uncertainty?

“Rogue scientists” disgruntled with management at Randox forensic services allegedly doctored samples.  Unsurprisingly this led to hundreds of false convictions and other major injustices.  Here is the Daily Mail’s account.

Maybe privitising the forensic service wasn’t so smart.

Naturally, services so important to justice are accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025.  Here is Randox’s UKAS schedule of accreditation to prove it.

We pointed out previously problems with UKAS accrediting labs that issued false results.

And don’t forget that, since it can render up inspection fees, gold counterfeiting can be accredited.

Did Randox management look to UKAS to sort out their quality problem?  No, more sensibly they called the police to investigate this criminal activity.  Arrests have been made and the full story remains to be told after the investigation.

Randox management had more confidence in the police than the quality inspectors.

What is unlikely to be made clear is how the accreditation of falsified tests will be dealt with.  Will UKAS withdraw accreditation from Randox and sacrifice their inspection fees for the sake of probity?

Here is where you can check on the latest sanctions levied by UKAS.  Do you think Randox will appear?

Will the courts now wake up to the scam that is accreditation?

UPDATE 21 February 2017: Randox have issued a statement, Gross inaccuracies in media coverage of RTS, on the criminal act that is being investigated in their business.

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