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Gaslighting, not burnout

Burnout of clinicians is the wrong term, argue Dean et al.  Instead they liken the phenomenon to “gaslighting” – the act of psychologically manipulating someone to question their own sanity, in order to gain some advantage. We believe that clinicians … Continue reading

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Tolerating Uncertainty — The Next Medical Revolution?

Simpkin and Schwartzstein have written Tolerating Uncertainty — The Next Medical Revolution?  calling for wider acceptance of uncertainty rather than the pretence of eliminating it. ISO 17025 requires laboratories to consider the uncertainty of their measurements.  This is reasonable. The quality cartel’s … Continue reading

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Workplace discomfort and burnout

Here is a study from Spain investigating the causes of stress in academic workplaces.  These authors found that burnout of staff is caused mainly by structural and functional elements of the organisation.  The solution is case-specific interventions rather than standardisation.  … Continue reading

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The human face of the accreditation disease

Whilst outside the laboratory focus of the ISOwatch blog, the comment below is highlighted because it eloquently shows the frustration and damage to workers’ lives caused by ISO-inspired accreditation scams.  The comments show how incomprehensively alien the accreditation philosophy is to engineers.  The … Continue reading

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