400 days of anarchy…did you notice?

Pravda tells us that Belgium has survived perfectly well for over 400 days without a government.  This sets a world record for anarchy.

Let’s hope somebody is still inspecting their labs to ensure they meet the required standards of record-keeping the ISO and EU demand.

Though perhaps not…

Has anyone noticed a difference?

It’s not the first time things have gone more smoothly during a strike or other absence of bureaucracy.  Time agrees:

“However, the absence of a government makes little difference to day-to-day life in Belgium. Many state functions, from education to welfare, have already been ceded over the years to regional and community governments.”

So what would happen if laboratories also threw off the government of the cartel?

Let's do nothing

Will they have the courage to live without accountability to the cartel when the EU collapses

“As time wore on, more and more people lived at someone else’s expense. Lobbying and lawyering became lucrative professions. Bucket shops and banks neared respectability. Every imperfection was a call for legislation. Every traffic accident was an opportunity for wealth redistribution. And every trend was fully leveraged.

“…The rioters can go home, in other words. The system will collapse on its own.


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