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UKAS now “a partner to Government”

In a BMTA interview with retired chief executive of UKAS, Paul Stennett MBE, we learn, What is most satisfying is that UKAS is now seen as being a partner to Government, helping to deliver their regulatory agenda and in many cases … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy explained

Readers who want to dig deeper into the philosophy and history of the bureaucratic compulsion to command and control others can learn more here.  Click on the image below to download von Mises’ book explaining bureaucracy: The book predates the … Continue reading

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Belgium: 500 days and counting…

You may have been concerned by the earlier report of Belgium surviving without central government for 400 days.  Fear not; its existence continues: “As I write, Belgium has not had a central government for more than 500 days. While I … Continue reading

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400 days of anarchy…did you notice?

Pravda tells us that Belgium has survived perfectly well for over 400 days without a government.  This sets a world record for anarchy. Let’s hope somebody is still inspecting their labs to ensure they meet the required standards of record-keeping the … Continue reading

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