ISOwatch has been tagged in WordPress Science Tags

ISOwatch has been tagged in WordPress Science Tags.  Don’t shrug.  Keep pushing.

Continual improvement through accreditation

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  1. Davide says:

    I was relived to find these pages, and now I know I am not crazy but the whole world of certifications is pure crap.
    Little note: forgive my English, I am italian.
    I have to keep a long story short: I work for an automotive electronic accessories company. One and half year ago my boss hired a new technical director. One of the first things he did was to introduce the need to certify our software and hardware designing process. The certification is called SPICE ( Two guys of the italian branch of SPICE came to visit us and they kept speaking for 2 days about this thing. I was literally horrified because I didn’t understand what they were talking about. Apart from the bunch of new concept and words that I never heard before, like “assesment”, “capabilities”, “requirement”, “work product” the whole two days speach seemed to me as pure madness.
    I kept repating to myself: “My G. what are these two men saying ? What am I supposed to do ?” The whole things was confusing, obscure, contradictory, overwhelming. I thought they were telling us a better way to work and design, and in this case I would have been glad to listen and learn something, but no, nothing of that.
    They suggested us to but a book, which we bought, and I had the same horrible impression about the book. I cannot really understand what they are talking about.
    The management of my company kept talking about doing this damned certification, but I have the impression no one really knows how to do it.

    The I wend to the internet searching desperately for help. Of course SPICE is interest of a little group of companies, so I found next to nothing about it. Ah, of course I found the official websites, but again, they are totally useless.
    Then I discovered that the ISO9000 is similar to what I am supposed to do.
    If you replace the word “QUALITY” with the word “SOFTWARE”, then SPICE is the same of ISO9000.
    The papers I am supposed to prepare should describe all the steps of the design of a piece of software. But I will have to invent all, I have to invent procedures that nobody has ever used, I have to create procedures that the designers are supposed to follow BEFORE beginning a process. What instead will happend is that the designer will continue to work in the same exact way as before, and there will be a pile of useless papers that tell how the process of designing should be done.
    I already told the management that I find the whole thing as CRAZY as USELESS. AS a result I put my position in danger and they are convinced more then before to continue.
    Of course they want a little shitty medal to show to their customers: “SEE ?? WE ARE CERITFIED SPICE LEVEL 2 ! HOW SMART WE ARE !!!”
    But I mean, who is so crazy and stupid to believe that these certifications bring some improvements in the final product ?
    Which customer is so idiot to think that company A is better than company B because A is SPICE level 2 ?
    I mean, if people really believe this pile of shit, then we are really doomed. As a result, they will have disappointed a number of employee, included me, spent a bunch of money to achieve this certification, and no real advantage at all.
    By reading your pages, I understand the ISO9000 is basically the same thing: producing useless paper that nobody will really use and understand. Money and time and resources are uselessly thrown away, and the disappointment of a number of employee.
    I mean, is there some damned company in which employees are really following the “QUALITY MANUAL” ?
    In the company I work, software designer, go directly from requirements to software coding. Almost alywas, requirement are verbal and nobody writes them down. (Of course we are doing rather simple products, not complex machines, so we can deal with it). This “do it yourself” method has produced do far no disasters, no dissatisfaction, no customer complain.
    Why on Earth do we need to change ? For the sake of what ?
    I hope the venting on these pages will help me to calm down a bit, because at first I was really enraged and desperate. At first I thought that it was a punishment and I even thought to find another workplace.
    I think the whole certification thing is a scam of money. Workers gets crazy and they spend money to pay consultants to do the job. Consultants provide the same shit to everyone because they know what the assessors will look for. It’s nothing more than a scam.
    I really hope I will have the strength to survive all this, but my relationship with my company is forever compromised. In the past I used to put many efforts in solving problems and to do my job at best. From now on, they can really fuck off.
    Now I will pass the rest of my years producing useless paper, even if they don’t need it. I will stay comfortably seated on my desk instead of jumping here and there to solve problems.
    I will have fun as they are having fun with their damned certifications.

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