Boring, but only for 5′ 56”. Not a whole career.

“It’s not the accreditation body that mandates accreditation. It’s the government.”  @4′ 16”

Go on, watch it.  It badly needs some views.

Don’t miss the admission in part 2:

“EU regulation…in effect says that each country will have one accreditation body – and that’s your accreditation body.  So a laboratory doesn’t actually have a choice.  It’s a very strange thing in an organisation that’s supposed to be opening up a free market, but that’s how it is, and that’s how we’ll have to accept it.” @2′ 32”

The requirement for a cartel in the name of a free market.  Very strange indeed.  Don’t let the boredom blind you.  It’s part of the fuel the EU runs its anti-democracy on.

Or try the similarly expensive nothingness of this quality theatre:

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