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ISO standards for pathology – a step too far?

” a resounding answer of ‘absolutely not’”, actually.  A believer explains the theory.  He hasn’t given Allah a thought. http://acb.sagepub.com.sci-hub.io/content/52/6/712.short Get it here: http://www.sci-hub.io A short description of coercion by several state and non-state bureaucracies that conceals of thousands of … Continue reading

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Boring, but only for 5′ 56”. Not a whole career.

“It’s not the accreditation body that mandates accreditation. It’s the government.”  @4′ 16” Go on, watch it.  It badly needs some views. Don’t miss the admission in part 2: “EU regulation…in effect says that each country will have one accreditation … Continue reading

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