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Fingerprints blunder puts trials at risk as police chiefs create emergency group to ensure labs get accreditation

Peter Hitchens is critical of modern British policing.  He wrote in the Mail on Sunday, “And now we learn, to my total lack of surprise, that prosecutions have sunk to an all-time low in England and Wales, at a time … Continue reading

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LAB 32 update

Those who think the bureaucracy begins and ends with buying the ISO standard need to dip into the LAB series and other technical documents that UKAS supplies gratis here.  These fill in the considerable gaps that the ISO management standards leave … Continue reading

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Who judges the inspectors?

ISO 17025 is being forced on the labs performing forensic testing.  The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has been considering the issues.  While scientists have been slow to recognise the limitations of the cartel’s inspection system, a QC … Continue reading

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Judicial criticism of Forensic Science Service despite UKAS quality

The BBC reports dysfunctional delays in the delivery of forensic services despite (and partly because of) UKAS accreditation: “20 July 2011 Last updated at 15:45 Judge says NI criminal cases held up by forensic delays Criminal cases in Northern Ireland are being held up … Continue reading

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