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Three rules of groupthink: as global warming, so ISO accreditationism

Christopher Booker discovered Irving Janis’s Victims of Groupthink.  He used it as a framework for his report Global Warming: A Case Study in Groupthink.  We reported James Delingpole’s summary earlier. Here are Irving’s three rule of groupthink, useful because they … Continue reading

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Conspiracy or groupthink? Or both?

James Delingpole describes the global warming ideology in terms of groupthink rather than conspiracy: According to Janis there are three rules of groupthink. They are: Rule One. A group of people come to share a common view or belief that … Continue reading

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EU-funded groupthink, no proof

This paper is an example of the very small number of peer-reviewed publications that appear to validate ISO management standards.  The detailed descriptions may obscure the fact that they are descriptions only.  The paper describes the management of a science but is not scientific in its method.  … Continue reading

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