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Comforts of mindless consistency – false hope

  Why did punters rush to enroll just after hearing the Transcendental brand of Meditation debunked? Robert Cialdini explains, “[The group spokesman] put it best: “Well, I wasn’t going to put down any money tonight because I’m really quite broke right … Continue reading

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Who’s Spending Britain’s Billions?

You really should watch this.  Jacques Peretti investigates how companies like management consultancies and outsourcers rip off taxpayers through gullible public leaders.  PWC, McKinsey, the usual suspects bringing waste through endless “transformation”.  One shouldn’t expect much from the poorly-qualified managers … Continue reading

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Feeling Listless?

Theodore Dalrymple may not have suffered ISO accreditation but he has expressed insight into related managerialism through the demands for form-filling and list-making. His comments on checklists apply to all the ISO demands for inspection evidence and offer further explanation … Continue reading

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