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UKAS Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme

Have you ever helped a charity raise money to buy a hospital a scanner?  Hospitals have a lot of other things to spend money on besides diagnostic equipment – accreditation, managers, translators, overpriced drug contracts, negligence claims… UKAS’s Imaging Services … Continue reading

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UKAS collaborates with sharia to fund Islamic expansion

International halal accreditation is not agreed by a single body but by hundreds and is highly non-standardised, like Islam itself.  We previously drew attention to this here. UKAS is now pleased to help bring the world into submission to Allah while … Continue reading

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Halal checking firm Dagang to join the London stock market

The Times has reported a halal-certifying firm is the join the Alternative Investment Market. Not satisfied drip-feeding your pay into jihad the retail way? Forget comfort eating, Be part of an international movement:   Now you can get a possible … Continue reading

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Kellogg’s crafty crusaders infiltrate halal certification

Crusaders have oddly shed their crosses and donned oriental eye masks. Was this to infiltrate packets of breakfast cereal that has been surreptitiously halal certified? Sloppy halal certification needs to learn from the single-standard ISO and its single-territory inspection monopolies.  The sharia dogma is … Continue reading

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