Don’t picket; reject inspections

In the BMJ this week:

Hospitals are “gaming” data on common operations, leading surgeon says.  They are contacting patients just before questionnaires are due to be returned.  Just like the car dealerships do.

GPs call for an end to CQC inspections. GPs at a special conference have called on the BMA to campaign for the abolition of general practice inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). They want a new system of self regulation under a peer led quality assurance scheme.

GP inspections are damaging patient care, shows practice survey. England’s inspection programme for GP surgeries is having a damaging effect on patient care, with NHS resources wasted on employing extra locums and staff, a survey by the BMA has found.

GPs will consider “mass resignation” if government ignores crisis.  GPs have threatened to consider mass resignations from NHS contracts to make sure that the government delivers a “rescue package” for general practice. The BMA’s General Practitioners Committee will ask GPs’ views about submitting undated resignations if a bailout plan isn’t proposed within six months.

We need an end to strikes and pickets.  We need the modernisation of industrial action: reject inspection schemes.  That will hit over-government where it hurts.

Who could reject the inevitability of modernisation?

Reject accreditation.  Reject unhelpful inspections.

No patient will be harmed.

Quality is likely to improve.

All will see that quality-by-inspection produces dismal results.

Only the inspectors, politicians and the petty-minded workers that enjoy fussing over the unimportant will suffer.

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