Sales of untested anthrax drug parallel sales of untested accreditation

What happens when you mix vested interest with speculative paranoia and add a bit of the technical stuff?  A lot of taxpayers’ money is wasted.

At least Star Wars worked

Just as the USSR almost bankrupted itself trying to keep up with Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars, so the USSA may bankrupt itself through the paranoia evoked by Osama Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda.  He observed and copied.

Will this?

David Willman writes for the LA Times:

Anthrax drug brings $334 million to Pentagon advisor’s biotech firm

Biowarfare consultant Richard J. Danzig urged the government to stockpile a type of anthrax remedy. But he had a stake in one such drug’s success…

Do you think similar factors are in play as the inspection cartel grows?  Have you evidence to share that the cartel’s key people manipulate gullible governments and professionals to compel payment for unproven inspection?

“Whether raxi would work as envisioned remains unknown.”

Remember that Raxibacumab, the profitable biologic anti-toxin, was tested more than ISO accreditation, but still quite inadequately.

If accreditation worked even a little, the cartel wouldn’t have to coerce businesses to use it: they’d copy the ISO standards’ demands.  If it truly worked well, unaccredited businesses would be out-competed, not legislated against.

The ISO standards’ growth is driven by the coercion written into the standards, legislation, and weak-minded, fad-following managers.

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