Dr Steven Allder: My cure for the NHS

NHS managers are seldom qualified above MSc level.  They are not trained to diagnose.  Their job is to keep changing things and to say that it’s saving money (and maybe lives!)  Otherwise some might remember that there are superior management skills in the rest of the clinical workforce.  They love to collect badges and certificates proclaiming excellence in the face of mediocrity or outright collapse.  Third-party accreditation must surely prove quality.

Dr Steve Allder writes that a systems thinking approach makes things work much better.  Unlike accreditation he shows evidence to prove it.

“Dr Steven Allder: My cure for the NHS

Simple changes introduced by Dr Steve Allder at his local hospital trust would revive the health service if copied across the country – and could even help put an end to ‘fatal Fridays’…

…Within a week, we went from having 45 patients at any one time to just 20. Where they used to take four days to get through hospital, they were now spending two and a half. The junior doctors were happier because they had time to get to their training, and the nurses were pleased that they only had to interact with one team. Unsurprisingly, patient satisfaction went up too…”

Might it work for you?  Don’t copy as if it’s the accredited way; study your system and find what works best.


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