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How a minimum unit price for alcohol was scuppered

Gilmore and Daube have described How a minimum unit price for alcohol was scuppered in the BMJ.   The government buried evidence that it had commissioned because it would have displeased the alcohol industry and its lobbyists.  A country is no more than … Continue reading

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Dr Steven Allder: My cure for the NHS

NHS managers are seldom qualified above MSc level.  They are not trained to diagnose.  Their job is to keep changing things and to say that it’s saving money (and maybe lives!)  Otherwise some might remember that there are superior management … Continue reading

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Systems or brains?

The inspectors think that assuring the management system is ISO-compliant will assure the output quality.  However, John Seddon’s evidence says, “- in most systems, as much as 95% of performance can be attributed to the system (the design and management … Continue reading

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Regulating doctors and medical practice

The Witchdoctor’s colleague thinks “about 50%” of his working time was wasted.  This sounds to me like a more productive career than most.  For many people the work they did that was useful to others could be an order of … Continue reading

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