Horizon: How to avoid mistakes in surgery

The BBC’s Horizon: How to avoid mistakes in surgery showed how surgeons have learned from pilots, F1 racing and firefighters. They use checklists to work through the loss of situational awareness that arises during crises. The reduction in surgical mismanagement is great. Greater than ISO accreditation has achieved.   The news isn’t new.  Deaths cut by 40% – of similar magnitude to the cost increase for achieving accreditation.  Surgeons actually bothered to investigate the difference it made – unlike pathologists, cardiologists, chest physicians, radiologists…before UKAS suckered them.


If checklists could be used in your field, the ISO would have to write them into the next revision of their standard.  They couldn’t let something simple and effective replace all fodder for their inspections.  UKAS would then claim credit for the improvements.  Embrace, extend, extinguish.  Even more inspectors needed to zombify more of medicine.  

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