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Winding back the harms of management accreditation?

The BMJ is campaigning against the harms of too much medicine.  Yes, too much medicine can do plenty of harm.  In the ensuing discussion one (slow) rapid response draws parallels with the harm caused by accrediting human behaviour.  We knew … Continue reading

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Pathology review: cui bono?

Lucius Cassius’ illuminating question remains more important than ever. Lord Carter, author of the Report of the Review of NHS Pathology Services in England Chaired by Lord Carter of Coles (2005-08) which started major changes to pathology services, has had to step down as … Continue reading

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Pathologists’ 70% claim

The relatively small amount of money spent on pathology services undoubtedly has disproportionate leverage on further medical care. Pathologists often claim that 70% of clinical decisions are influenced by laboratory medicine data. Where did this figure come from and what … Continue reading

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