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Gaming the KPIs?

Berenson and Kaye have criticised US plans for performance measurement of doctors.  It leads to gaming the system.  When somebody measures your performance you will ignore most of the things you don’t get credit for and manipulate the indicators that … Continue reading

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“There’s life in outer space!”

Does inspection ensure quality? Is bad science necessary assure life on other planets? Are we so lonely that extra-terrestrial bacteria would bring us comfort? Does sending non-sterile spacecraft to other planets prevent there ever being certainty about where any life … Continue reading

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Trouble at the Mind-Matter Interface

Fred Reed describes problems with a purely mechanistic world view that also point to why recording training and behaviour cannot guarantee results: “…According to this view, nothing happens, or can happen, that does not accord with physics. “This approach, mechanistic and … Continue reading

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The Bribery Act 2010

ISO 17025 requires a statement in the Quality Manual that staff will not participate in bribery and corruption.   This sounds good to me but not everyone agrees it’s so simple.  In fact most of the world’s population probably thinks otherwise. … Continue reading

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