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Down the memory hole: The Case of the Vanishing Adjudication

The Buildfreedom.com website cited below has vanished, just like the vanishing ASA adjudication against the BSI that it reported.  Fortunately, the reference can still be found with The Wayback Machine. http://web.archive.org/web/20140713190437/http://buildfreedom.com/content/reciprocality/r1/example.html Buildfreedom.com tells a curious tale in which the BSI’s … Continue reading

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Withdraw approval for UKAS and CPA accreditation until NICE has full data

What if an editor sent a public letter like this to UKAS’s CPA suggesting they desist from parasitising struggling organisations until they can provide data showing their effectiveness? What if she then proposed UKAS should be responsible for accrediting banks? … Continue reading

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Dose:response relationship – Medicine. Poison. Accreditation.

Consider these charts that show possible dose-response relationships of medicines.  Also of poisons.  Why has no similar research been done on the effects of accreditation?  Does that fact that is imposed by legislation and marketplace coercion imply that testing will … Continue reading

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The reward of monomania

Theodore Dalrymple explains one reason why bad theories are reluctant to die: “The problem is that nonsense can and does go by default.  It wins the argument by sheer persistence, by inexhaustible re-iteration, by staying at the meeting when everyone … Continue reading

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Ten percent

Research funded by the US military has used computer models to show how a new belief can quickly shift majority opinion when it reaches a critical mass of 10% of the population. Read more here: Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping … Continue reading

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The “Ask for evidence” campaign

Sense About Science is running a campaign, Ask for Evidence to get more members of the public asking advertisers, companies, government bodies, and other organisations to set out the evidence they have for claims they make. “If you are concerned about the … Continue reading

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EU-funded groupthink, no proof

This paper is an example of the very small number of peer-reviewed publications that appear to validate ISO management standards.  The detailed descriptions may obscure the fact that they are descriptions only.  The paper describes the management of a science but is not scientific in its method.  … Continue reading

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