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Rhymes with “high explosives” Also rhymes with “hijack”

Which side of this video argument would the accreditation cartel be on? The Brilliance of That Hayek vs. Keynes Rap: The sequel – Fight Of The Century:

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Gullibility for all

Command and control management-by-fear leads to inappropriate targets, inspections, accreditation, and inefficiency.  Mismanagement in education is leading to targets and unnecessary stress in inspections among other problems.  John Seddon described it to Parliament and it continues to increase. “While a target … Continue reading

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European hypocrisy on cartels

Price competition between members normally destroys cartels.  Therefore accreditation bodies such as UKAS are allotted territories through national mutual recognition arrangements.  This is a nod to the idea of ISO standardisation and objective third-party assessment.  But the real purpose is to … Continue reading

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