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Inside the minds of pathology reformers

Reforms to pathology services according to the Carter Report are still doing poorly.  The cover-up of the failures is working better: Pathology Networks The morning session provided attendees with different perspectives on Pathology Networks; appropriately titled ‘Networks – a blessing or a curse’. … Continue reading

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Nazi, ISO, CIA

Margaret McCartney writes in the BMJ of the CIA’s  interrogation programme at Guantanamo Bay.  It was personalised medicine in the department of torture. “Most doctors who are complicit in torture are much like everyone else, I suspect—neither amoral nor evil. But military … Continue reading

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The menace of the naval mind?

BS 5750 emerged from Allied military standards for industrial procurement.  Rear-Admiral Spickernell then pushed this British Standard on the ISO.  Hence the ISO 9000 series and the standards derived from it such as ISO 17025 and ISO 15189.  Now management … Continue reading

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Common Purpose directors resign – rats deserting the sinking ship?

Common Purpose (CP) is a sinister organisation near the heart of the rot in Britain.  Like the quality cartel it has government protection to ruin lives. Instead of the legally-protected monopoly that keeps UKAS strong, Common Purpose has charitable status to train future … Continue reading

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