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“The biggest scam in history”

“Global warming is the biggest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it.”   Longtime meteorologist and Weather Channel founder John Coleman “…The bottom line reality to virtually everything today is driven by money, power and control. The climate change … Continue reading

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Where there’s fear somebody’s making money

Psst!  Want a share tip?  This one could be hot. But probably hotter for a bankster or a former Vice-President than for you. It’s a “verified carbon standard” and it will help you understand why the failed “global warming” has … Continue reading

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“You don’t put thermometers 5 feet above concrete and pretend that they’re measuring the same temperature as…100 years ago””

You know by now that there’s a global conspiracy of bankers, politicians, scientists, journalists and others to tax the population on the basis of carbon (seriously!). It’s based on often willfully bad science.  The scientists can’t even measure temperature correctly:  … Continue reading

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Approaches to quality management and accreditation in a genetic testing laboratory

The EU has funded another “Network of Excellence” to bring accreditation to medical genetics. Can member labs all excel before they are accredited?  Does every lab not excel once it is accredited?  After all, there can be no degrees of accreditation. … Continue reading

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