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Which commercial interest would you prefer?

The inspection cartel wants you to obsess about uncertainty of measurement, or measurement error, as some prefer to call it. Sometimes it’s small, sometimes it’s big. But it is real, it’s often important, but in many situations it’s not much … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy attempts to control measurement uncertainty

The authors of the paper below wrote that they were “encouraged to seek publicly available data that could be analysed to provide a comparison with the inter-laboratory trials we undertook.”  They don’t say who encouraged them, but the UK Food Standards Agency … Continue reading

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While pathologists fret about accreditation GPs demonstrate prescription error rates

Like most people, pathologists want to deliver an excellent service.  Through this desire they have fallen victim to the inspection cartel which has deceived them into believing the bogus claims of accreditation.  As in many other areas, the quality-limiting step may be elsewhere.  Delivering … Continue reading

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