Another UKAS-accredited forensic meltdown

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Randox Testing Services found that UKAS accreditation was no security against deceitful employees.  Why would it be?   Massive numbers of British forensic tests are having to be repeated.

Eurofins Scientific has offices in Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire and Derbyshire. A court has been told it is still in 'cyber crime lockdown'

UK court cases will be further delayed  with a cyberattack on Eurofins Scientific which is also accredited by UKAS because the accreditation body has persuaded the government and the market that ISO accreditation ensures quality.  More fool them.  How could it?

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ISO 17025 requires its marks to protect data from unauthorized access, safeguard against tampering and loss, operate in suitable environment, maintain integrity of data, record system failures and corrective actions.


UKAS has accredited Eurofins.  The hackers have made fools of both.

Paying the UKAS tax was of no help against the malicious.

He fooled me but now I'm only fooling myself..empty ...

Putting more effort into internal security would have been more useful.

Let us be thankful that the failures of UKAS are being recorded for all to see.

Why should only its accreditees have to record failures?

Are UKAS’s peer assessor bodies counting the accredited disasters or just keeping the bandwagon rolling?




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