UKAS now “a partner to Government”

In a BMTA interview with retired chief executive of UKAS, Paul Stennett MBE,
we learn,
UKAS and the Government are now able to use each other to avoid the parliamentary scrutiny that legislation ought to be subjected to.
ISOs are done in-house and the inspection cartel don’t answer questions.
They’re much more detailed and less reasonable than legislation.
ISOs are inspected rigorously at the expense of those accredited.  Who could pay for a police presence every time a crime is committed?
The enforcement of ISOs versus the law is horribly imbalanced.
We also learn that all pathology laboratories are now paying their dues to UKAS:
Are those diagnoses and treatments any better than in 2003?  Or has not-for-profit UKAS just won a big diversion of NHS money from its lobbying government?
But he’s not telling us how pathologists in Scotland have quickly found accreditation to be a waste of money and have told this to the Scottish Parliament.
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