Accreditation of US hospitals did not improve patient outcomes

The BMJ published

Association between patient outcomes and accreditation in US hospitals: observational study by Lam et al. BMJ 2018;363:k4011

The Boston doctors investigated over 4 million patient outcomes in this retrospective observational study.

Their conclusions?

“US hospital accreditation by independent organizations is not associated with lower mortality, and is only slightly associated with reduced readmission rates for the 15 common medical conditions selected in this study. There was no evidence in this study to indicate that patients choosing a hospital accredited by The Joint Commission confer any healthcare benefits over choosing a hospital accredited by another independent accrediting organization.”

It’s not run by the ISO gang but the idea is similar.  The Joint Commission dominates the marketplace and its inspections focus on structural factors and processes rather than the outcomes that matter.

Let’s hope for more studies like this exposing multimillion dollar rip-offs.

No time to read the paper?  Medscape has a shorter summary here.


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