Failing to repay

As university educations become impossibly expensive for ordinary people, Gary North advises,

“Here is a general rule. Any barrier to entry into any field that cannot be legally penetrated by means of a competitive examination is there for only one reason: to line the pockets of the people who have created the barrier to entry. Legal barriers to entry are marks of an unfree society. Politicians have abolished individual liberty for the sake of lining the pockets of members of cartels. They are using coercion to steal from excluded victims.”

As universities, so ISO-accredited organisations.

External quality assurance and user recommendations are the best indicators of the technical competence that ISO 9000 is inadequate to assure.  These are the equivalent of the difficult entrance exam that served some organisations well for centuries.

Accreditation is open to all who pay the inspection cartel and put up with its interminable, petty bureaucracy.

Coil of rope lies in ever-decreasing circles - Stock Image


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