UKAS Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme


Have you ever helped a charity raise money to buy a hospital a scanner?  Hospitals have a lot of other things to spend money on besides diagnostic equipment – accreditation, managers, translators, overpriced drug contracts, negligence claims…

UKAS’s Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme is here to undo the work of diligent radiology staff and charity donors.  Patients can now distract themselves from worry during long waiting times with the knowledge that the imaging their diagnosis relies on is accredited.

Being accredited won’t change the outcomes for patients because the staff spend years qualifying and maintaining their expertise.  And spending substantial sums of their own money to other compulsory professional registration schemes.  Reliable diagnosis relies on the experience of healthcare teams, not the visits of inspectors.

You can read how the time and money will be wasted to support the UKAS inspectorate in their ISAS 1 document below.  But wouldn’t you rather your tax money and charitable giving went to help patients rather than employing staff to provide fodder for hungry inspectors?

Accreditation is like the halal tax for healthcare.  Will the western inspection cartel ever manage to squeeze a tax from the corrupt halal racket which even islamic leaders are now criticising?  Click the link and see how much halal and ISO certification have in common.  ISO could make halal respectable.  They could share the loot.

Click below for the UKAS document:


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