Proper work ethic has been slowly eroded

In the public service, in all its wide ramifications, we live in an era of the inept, the square peg, the careless and the bluffer. And, as bluffers in turn appoint bluffers, the system becomes self-perpetuating.

The “whistleblower” is ostracised. Authority is eroded. Nobody takes responsibility. Nobody is accountable. Somebody else is to blame.

Few things, even simple things, seemingly straightforward ones, go smoothly. Things creak. What once took days now takes weeks, months and longer.

We have become a nation of “box-tickers”, form-fillers and report-writers. To little avail. Who reads these mountains of papers, one may ask? Actual work and performance gets buried in the “bumph”.

Unfortunately a “mindset” appears to exist nowadays as the right and proper way to get things done. On all-too-rare occasions, quick and professional efficiency appears to be something of the past. Rules and regulations take over from personal initiative. There is an inbuilt fear of stepping out of line.

Society, particularly those responsible for shaping it, needs to have a good long look at itself.


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