CDC SPIDER whistleblowers

The Centers for Disease Control is central to public health in the USA.  According to the CDC SPIDER (Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research) Group of scientists, it hasn’t been living up to the standards of probity the taxpayer would expect.



Jon Rappaport has reported on their letter to the organization’s chief of staff.  The allegations include burying data that doesn’t fit the official story, mishandling data to obfuscate the causes of disease and deaths, overlooking the absence of favoured staff, spending domestic funds on research and overseas missions, staff with relationships too close to vaccine companies, and unjustified support for a large-scale ‘flu vaccination programme that lacks data to support it.

Anti-vaccination groups delight to see this.  However, while the scientists wish the corruption of their organization to be accounted for, they are not endorsing a general anti-vaccination ideology.  Neither does the ISOwatch blog.  Like any test or treatment vaccination may do harm.  It generally does less harm than infectious diseases.

We need similar honesty from those inside the accreditation industry which is based on a corrupt ideology that political and even professional leaders are happy to accept.

Retirees, those who have improved themselves beyond the inspectorate, and those as brave as the SPIDER scientists, do publish how and why the third-party inspection scam doesn’t work!

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