Burdensome regulation of the NHS

The chief executive of the Nuffield Trust has written an insightful and concise overview of some of the regulatory problems affecting the NHS.  ISO/UKAS accreditation escapes mention, but its importance will grow as it metastasizes from laboratories into physiological measurement and radiology.  It is commendable when such a senior person speaks up for the staff and patients who are not served by the regulation.

“There is a paradoxical chance of ending up with a system that is both burdensome and yet also allows problems to be missed or be seen but not acted upon.”

We must hope that a body such as UKAS does not use this realization to grab all the powers of inspection to itself.


edwards2016Burdensome regulation of the NHS Edwards BMJ 2016

We should know more about this low trust. How low and how widespread is it?  Is it mainly from social media and inept reasoning?  How much arises as a result of the regulation itself?  What measurable improvement does any of this regulatory environment bring?

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