Mr Pratt questioned BS 5750 – quality assurance?

Mr Pratt recognised the inadequacy of BS 5750 over twenty years ago.  He explained in the medical literature how Deming produced real quality in Japanese industry.

D. J. PRATT.   British Standard (BS) 5750 – quality assurance?
Prosthetics and Orthotics International, 1995, 19, 31-36


BS5750 is the British Standard on “Quality Systems”. Its equivalent in European standards is EN29000 and in the International Standards Organisation ISO9000. This paper points out that these standards lay down formalised procedures and require documentation but do not ipso facto lead to quality assurance.  The author points to the Japanese post-war industrial success as being an example of Total Quality Management within the framework provided by the philosophy of Dr. W. Edwards Deming (1988 and 1993). This philosophy on the management of “systems” to provide high quality products and services is briefly outlined. The author argues that improvement in prosthetic and orthotic services will not be reached through implementation of BS5750 but rather through radical rethinking and the adoption and application of the Deming philosophy.

Neither will laboratory quality be reached through implementation of ISO 17025 or ISO 15189 since they simply acknowledged the inadequacy of ISO 9000 and added lots more of the same inspection fodder.  The BSI fought hard to create an enduring and invasive system of British crapness that now permeates most organisations.  At least it was invented here.

This is old news.

Commuter Matt Steel at London Bridge

An example of this was to be seen in the Daily Mail on 16th July 1987 in which could be read “The train now arriving late is on time”. This recounted the story that British Rail had considered trains which arrived within 5 minutes of their timetable schedule to be on time, but now this limit was to be extended to be within 10 minutes!

The author gives a useful summary of how Deming made things work properly.  Why are medical professionals still listening to the inspection cartel?




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