“The biggest scam in history”

“Global warming is the biggest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it.”   Longtime meteorologist and Weather Channel founder John Coleman

“…The bottom line reality to virtually everything today is driven by money, power and control. The climate change issue is no different as it has been politicized to where scientific research funding is predicated on only one thing, producing results that the government desires and demands… be it in the US or research sponsored by the UN’s IPCC. Thus, only researchers that produce the numbers supporting the contention that CO2 is causing rising temps get funded. Honest researching scientists who dare investigate the inconvenient truth simply don’t get financed. And only the pro-global warming scientists are given a credible voice to disseminate their findings through respected journals and mainstream media outlets.”

If the future of humanity – and more importantly to some, non-humanity – depends on stopping global warming (now rebranded as “climate change”), why is no-one insisting that the data which inform the favoured research are ISO-accredited?Weather Changes

Why do hospitals, councils, laboratories and industry have to pay the UKAS inspection tax while laboratories that support the globalist agenda do not?

How come the government green policies that will ruin industries, lives and communities do not need to have quality inspected in?

What if the policies of the world’s governments were based on data that were wrong because they were not subjected to third-party inspection?  (Even if it offers no guarantees and carries no liabilities.)

Just because they’re wrong for other reasons is no excuse!

This blog makes an exception – for once we think like an elected representative and say, Let’s compel all climate change research to be accredited.

Let’s have a meta-analysis of how many climate change papers were supported by UKAS-accredited measurements.

UKAS allows you to begin your own research into the subject here.

Then “stand on the shoulders of giants” who also were not accredited yet built the modern world anyway.

Global Warming Lies Heating Up

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