Deregulating crime

ISO accreditation is sometimes sold as “cutting red tape”.  Any sufferer knows that it cuts government red tape to replace it with much more UKAS red tape.  To understand how such nonsense is sold to governments it is helpful to consider Rowan Bosworth-Davies’ investigations of how governments facilitate financial crime in the City of London.  The former detective at the Metropolitan Police Company Fraud Department writes in his blog,

The Tory government is deliberately and cynically dismantling a whole raft of financial regulations demanded by their banking friends in the City. They are using the excuse that they merely are removing red tape restrictions which they say are holding back British business, but in reality, this exercise in de-regulation is intended to make it easier for their light-fingered friends in the financial sector to accept more and more criminal money which is finding a temporary home in the City of London.”

No-one of the bankster class will ever be prosecuted for their financial crimes.



While UKAS offers little compared to the flow of international criminal assets through City banks, it is not hard to imagine the conversations, convivial or threatening, that pursuaded gullible ministers to allow the inspection cartel members to thrive legally without competition from each other or the market.

Anti-competition laws are set aside for the inspectors just as money-laundering laws are waived for banksters.  Morality is worth nothing compared to our precious economy.

That’s why the USA offshores its financial crime to the UK and criminals around the world are encourage to take advantage of the laxity.


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