As Ebola screening, so quality screening

Ebola is the news of the moment.

Enhanced airport screening is one of the measure that the government department of theatrics is using to make everyone feel safer.

Mabey et al. noted the lack of evidence that this might work.  They calculated that enhanced screening at ports of entry is expensive and fairly worthless.

“we estimate that, if everyone with symptoms was denied boarding, about 7 out of 100 people infected with Ebola travelling to the UK would have symptoms on arrival and hence be detectable by entrance screening (95% confidence interval 3 to 13). The other 93% would enter the UK unimpeded…

“Adopting the policy of “enhanced screening” gives a false sense of reassurance. Our simple calculations show that an entrance screening policy will have no meaningful effect on the risk of importing Ebola into the UK. “

Ibuprofen is the new passport

Are the doctors and politicians listening with regard to Ebola screening any more than they have taken heed of the warnings about quality screening through ISO accreditation?  Both are expensive and unhelpful.

It’s for the benefit of the inspection cartel, not citizens.

Stopping travel from affected areas would have been the answer to controlling the spread of Ebola if implemented early.  That much was obvious and understood by previous generations.  Likewise, stopping the inspection cartel interfering in professionally-run laboratories would have prevented the growth of the government-backed accreditation horror.  Now it’s really à la mode.


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