The inspection disease is digital. Quality is analogical

UKAS cannot inspect if it cannot divide the compliant from the non-compliant.  It is digital.  You could be a free man; UKAS wants your behaviour to be one of two numbers.

Are you a one or a zero?

Gary North explains,

Knowledge is always analogical. Data can be digital. But knowledge is a matter of judgment, and judgment is analogical. A machine cannot exercise judgment. It can only respond to data structured by mathematical equations. Executing an algorithm is not the same as exercising judgment.

If you kick a machine you are imputing humanity to a machine. It is not alive.

A machine is neither gracious nor malevolent. It does not care.

The world is not impersonal. A machine is. It is therefore not responsible. Men are.

A machine has no soul to damn and no butt to kick.

Intelligence is a matter of judgment. It is not a matter of digital data and algorithms.

A machine is a tool. The problem is, evil people can get their hands and minds on powerful tools…

Do you believe quality is an economic or an ethical judgement

or a technical algorithm?

Or is it still hard to tell?

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