Let doctors decide

Governments, like their poor relations, inspectors, have no purpose but compulsion and standardisation of human behaviour.  Those in the right gang benefit; those outside usually just pay.

German and Swiss doctors have said that legally mandated infection control measures should be abandoned.

“Standard MRSA control measures are usually bundled together and include contact isolation, screening for MRSA carriers, and hand hygiene. Many hospitals also strive to minimize device-associated and surgical infections as part of their MRSA control efforts.

“During the last decade, rates of MRSA transmission have declined; however, evidence is limited regarding the effectiveness of individual components of MRSA bundles. These components need reevaluation, the authors argue, keeping in mind local hospital conditions, effectiveness, costs, and adverse effects.

“For example, the relative benefits of MRSA screening have been muddied by potential confounding created by failure to separate screening from other parts of the MRSA bundle. Studies into the benefits of contact precautions and isolation have suffered from similar flaws.”

Let doctors decide what works best in each clinical setting.  Ditch laboratory ISO management standards because their many of their mandates that might work in certain settings are a pointless waste in most situations.

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