Service redesign should be tested as rigorously as new treatments


The  Chief Executive of NHS England says that service design should be treated as rigorously as new treatments. Hear, hear!  However, managers redesign services continually without adequate cost analysis before or afterwards.  That way nobody can be held to account. 

Service redesign should be tested as rigorously as new treatments, NHS chief says

Changes in service delivery should be subjected to the same rigorous testing as new treatments undergo, NHS England’s chief executive, Simon Stevens, has argued.

Speaking at the NHS Confederation’s annual conference in Liverpool on Wednesday 4 June, Stevens said that the NHS “should be rigorously pro-research” and suggested that such an approach could enable the NHS to become a world leader in health service innovation.

The NHS had a poor record of evaluating service changes, he told delegates. The service now needed to “accelerate the redesign of care delivery” through “some well controlled experimentation.” He explained, …

Similarly, the Royal College of Pathologists has been duped into thinking management tools are different from medical treatments and may not present risks to patients, staff or finances.  UKAS reports that the College has made its Chief Executive an honorary Fellow:

Recognition of UKAS in the healthcare sector

Paul Stennett, CPA and UKAS Chief Executive, awarded Honorary Fellowship of RCPath by Dr Archie Prentice, President of RCPath

In response to the BMJ article above, Prof Yudkin replied, regarding the concentration of London A&E services,
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