Will Facebook Bring Down the Government?

Gary North asks Will Facebook Bring Down the Government?

“In the Soviet Union, underground literature continued to circulate, and as the technology of digital reproduction grew better, more of got circulated. (The fundamental law of economics is this: “When the price falls, more is demanded.”) This was called samizdat. It helped undermine the Soviet Union. It took decades to do it, but finally the government’s legitimacy disappeared.

“Today, Facebook specifically and the Internet generally are means of ridiculing the government, but the government has no control over it. The cost of doing this is essentially zero. The marginal cost of posting a negative cartoon is vastly outweighed by the marginal returns of sticking it to the government. This is not going to end.”

We also ridicule the ISO management accreditatation hoax.

Accreditation = quality

These things fall eventually.  Otherwise all would be perfect and history would have stopped.

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