Organic shell game


UKAS once tried to gobble up the UK Register of Organic Food Standards (UKROFS), the body that certifies products are organic.

“It is an independent body, managed by a committee of persons all closely associated with the organic foods industry.”

How independent is that?

Instead, it has been superceded by an Advisory Committee on Organic Standards (ACOS).  Even the food you grow in your own garden isn’t legally organic without this certification.

But another study has shown organic is a health con.  It no more gives health than ISO “quality” inspection creates quality.  Organic certification proves an inspection took place and money was paid for it.  Nothing more.  Just like UKAS laboratory inspections prove an inspection took place and money was paid for it.  Except that ISO 17025/15189 laboratory accreditation has never been put to the test as organic food has!

The scientist victims of the inspection regime fail to sceptically deconstruct it.

Far from being small-scale and community orientated, the organic industry is big and corporate:

Certification protects the interests of the large food companies.  Protecting their financial interests protects the banksters for whom multi-national companies are just gambling chips.  Their shell game is a chain reaction of fraud which manipulates the markets to create wealth for themselves. 

Is it a nutshell or is it a multi-national company?

The Register gives you the latest evidence on organic food:

Organic food: Pricey, not particularly healthy, won’t save you from cancer. Study of ‘organic’ food consumption and cancer risk showed some interesting results.

Will this news inspire academics to conduct analogous trials on the claims of the inspection bodies?  Or will they be happy to waste money on keeping the inspection monopolies going instead of keeping patients going?

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