No idea for old men

What is true of mistaken scientific theories and Keynesian economics is also true of the management accreditation cartel and those who defend it:

“People adopt systems for reasons other than intellectual consistency. They do this as young men, while they are being screened by the guild. They defend this system for the rest of their careers. In the sciences, as in every other field, people hold positions in terms of how they were taught, who is now paying their salaries, and what is convenient. Only in the rarest of instances are entire worldviews overthrown. These usually take place in times of an economic or institutional crisis. In science, a new invention may force a change. The invention was said to be impossible by reigning experts who were committed to the old view. They are swept away. But this does not happen often in economics.”

So don’t read this blog if you’re over 30.  Do an audit, collect some signatures, file some paperwork, minute a meeting.


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