The Constructual Law – free flow is good

ISO management standards were conceived as a barrier to the free flow of work.  They civilianised military Command and Control management.  Quality (meaning record-keeping) was the justification.  

The cult of accreditationism directs the unemployed into working as inspectors and the employed into working unpaid for the inspection body rather than their employer.

Talk of quality is a smokecreen; after years of accreditation there is no solid evidence that it works.  The purveyors of extreme validation have never been validated by a standard above their own inspectionism.  One rooted in reality would be good.  How can accreditation be valid if there is no legal liability for the work of those validated?

Much of the cost of doing work comes from poor flow through the workplace.  The fetish for record-keeping to enable inspection is a major impediment to efficient flow.  The inspection cartel is parasitic.  It causes turbulent workflow and erodes the organisations it feeds upon.

The car behind is experiencing turbulent flow (but it’s accredited)

This is predicted by a broader natural law.  Professor Adrian Bejan is interviewed in The Freeman and explains the Constructual Law:


Accreditation gives just enough freedom that the inspection system can be sold almost everywhere.  Minor changes must be approved by the assessors who are authorised to do this through their monopoly granted by the state.

Hence bad design, bad workplace, bad work.  Not quality, unless you have very good and hardworking staff.

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