Bees, cars, coercion

Industy top dogs use governments to move money from citizens to their own pockets.  Industries and government bureaucracies are where elected politicians go after they get rumbled.  Governments have generations of experience in this expropriation.  That’s why they should be kept tiny and in competition.

James Delingpole reports Richard North’s revelation of how the EU banned a pesticide on the basis of a press release unsubstantiated by scientific evidence.  The ban conveniently prevented French beekeepers from being disadvantaged in the marketplace.


Bee shortage is unquestionable

The politics and lack of evidence reminds us that the story remains to be told in full of the machinations that allowed the BSI to foist BS 5750 on the world as the ISO 9000 series.  Then to admit its inadequacy for validating scientific work and have the EU legislate for laboratory staff to be crushed under ISO 17025.

The “quality” inspection cartel is no different from the National Union of French Apiculture (UNAF).  The myth of authority is central to their functioning.

If you’re more interested in cars than bees and chemistry, read a similar story here.  Eric Peters describes how car manufacturers have got their hands on your money by legislative coercion for safety devices too expensive for most people to choose voluntarily.

In debt for life: it’s the only way they these industries have an interest in you.

But back to the ISO laboratory standards.  Were the eurocrats in search of a new bureaucracy and found it in accreditation?  Or did the quality cartel leverage the EU’s legislative power to sell their boredom products to the masses?

Edward Snowden is unlikely to have the answer to this one, so, Insiders, pray tell!

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