Costs outweigh benefits

Open Europe has announced recognition that,

Top 100 EU regulations cost the UK economy £27.4 billion a year – and costs outweigh benefits in a quarter of cases (click through to read the press release and PDF report)

More informed comment can be found here.

“To present this as a deregulation exercise is a cynical charade. To present it as a Cameron initiative “backed by Barroso” is to perpetrate a lie. 

“But, as always, not one journalist in the entire legacy media has the wit to say so. Feed the hacks drivel and they will dutifully report it. Alongside the ranks of British politicians, they are oblivious to the reality of the European Union and are as guilty as the politicians for keeping people ignorant, by playing along with the charade.”

Some people know what is going on.  EU regulations cost the UK over £27 Billion a year. Unfortunately laboratory accreditation does not waste enough money relative to the amounts excessive regulation wastes in larger industries.  This has still to be recognised within the scientific community, so it’s not surprising managers and politicians don’t realise yet.

But all things must pass.  Eventually, even ISO inspectionism.

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